Swedish Massage  Leave your worries at the door. This classic full body massage will help relax not only your muscles but also your mind and soul by stimulating blood circulation and restoring a sense of well being. Soothes sore muscles, reduces toxins and stimulates blood and lymph flow.
90 Minutes $115 plus tax
60 Minutes $85
30 Minutes $50
European Combination  Best of both worlds, this massage combines techniques used in Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. This traditional treatment pinpoints the specific needs of each individual. Benefits of a European combination massage include increased flexibility; tension relief as well as balancing of the body’s energy system.
90 Minutes $130 plus tax
60 Minutes $95
30 Minutes $60
Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage  Tailored for sports and fitness enthusiasts, we alternate deep massage and stretching to relieve pain, discomfort, and muscular tension while increasing flexibility and circulation.
90 Minutes $160 plus tax
60 Minutes $115
30 Minutes $70
Hot Stone Massage  Warmed Basalt Lava Stones are strategically placed on integral points of the body along with oil, providing deep penetration and creating sensations of comfort, blissful relaxation and warmth. Combined with traditional massage, the direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with massage alone.
90 Minutes $140 plus tax
Aromatherapy Massage  This pleasurable treatment is designed to detoxify the body, ease sore muscles, relieve tension, and improve circulation. Soothing to all the senses, this nourishing massage offers the added advantages of an aromatherapy essential oil blend of your choice. Relax and restore your body and soul.
90 Minutes $130 plus tax
60 Minutes $95
30 Minutes $60
Assisted Stretching
30 Minutes $45
15 Minutes $30
Pre-Natal This European combination massage is designated to accommodate the health, circulation and well being of expectant mothers by relieving stress and muscle aches associated with pregnancy. After 1st trimester only
90 Minutes $130 plus tax
60 Minutes $95
Reflexology  This ancient Oriental technique stimulates specific parts of the foot. Each point directly affects different organs within our bodies in order to restore balance and proper function. This method strengthens the immune system and helps to relieve muscle tension.
30 Minutes $60 plus tax
15 Minutes Extra $40
Scalp Massage  A wonderful treatment designed to relax the mind, relieve any headaches and stress and promote better circulation
30 Minutes

15 Minutes

$55 plus tax